Vitamin C Saves My Skin : Novexpert Empties

So, It's been a while.

Why I always start my blog with "It's been a while"? It feels like I'm emphasizing my self as a lazy writer. But, yeah I'm definitely back with another review. For those who wonder what I've been busy lately: I'm a writer in a magazine tho, so I write, another write and write. Other than that, I must be having photoshoots. So that's how it goes. And certainly some events to handle. 

In this post, I'm going to share about my empties. Novexpert products got me hooked! I started using them around early 2016, maybe around February? or March? (wow, It's a year ago!). I bought Booster Vitamin C Serum first and tried to use it regularly for day and night as a serum after I double cleanse my face. Right exact a month later, I'm back to repurchase it, but the SA tempted me with the Peeling Night Cream which he argued that if I came back for the serum and satisfied enough, it would be no problem to try the Peeling Night Cream. On a flash memory, I was hesitating to buy because it's a peeling night cream and I thought it's quite harmful for my skin. But then, because I was an easy person to be persuaded, I ended up buying both. 

The Beauty Box SA (where I bought it in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall Jakarta) told me that I could use the booster in the morning and only use Peeling Night Cream at night before going to bed. Just leave it overnight for a month but then I need to stop using it on the next month. So it only effective if I use it for a month and take a hiatus on the next month, then i could continue again afterwards. So it goes like on April I started using it then May stop, June started again, then on July I stopped using it again. It goes like that for 6 months after opening. 

First of all, as you may have read my old posts. I have an oil combination type of skin - sensitive also and acne prone. So it is complex to have a new regimen. But because I feel like my skin already got used to the Booster Vitamin C, The Peeling Night Cream just works wonder on my skin. After a month using these combo, I notice my acne dried so fast in the next morning. If I have a little bumpy skin, for the next couple days I could see the Peeling Night Cream and The Booster work harmoniously making the acne came out faster and healing the scar. My skin feels smoother, looks brighter and also clearer. 

But the thing is the booster is really expensive. I already repurchased them 3 times and the last time I went to the Beauty Box, I bought only the peeling night cream. Because recently I'm interested to try a brand called, Dear Klairs, which also launched a vitamin C serum. But what can I say? 

A French beauty products never fails me before. So I have a prejudice towards the origin of my beauty products now? Not true, but somehow French beauty products always amaze me. 

Ah.. There's a bit a factual report about a developing progress of my skin condition when I started using Novexpert products on 2016. Around February 2016, my skin condition was really bad. I was gained weight too much, I ate recklessly, I didn't go exercise religiously, also I had a bad sleeping habit. It was the worst time of my life. Maybe it's not... comparing my 2012 case on bad acne when I was in college. But still, acne is always bad for me. For my confidence and my pride. 

Okay so here's a video from one of my magazine youtube channel: 

Okay, in this video (you might not notice) but I put my foundation on. Because I didn't feel confident to put my bare face. I got bad acne (again) after such long time. But yeah, when I filmed this, it was hard for me. 

In this photo my face before I put any makeup on, you can see the dark spot and dull skin. (i'm sorry for not documenting this properly). It was taken on March 16th 2016 at the office when I filmed makeup challenge with the true beauty, Andien Aisyah. 

Then, it's my skin condition after I used Booster Vitamin C and Peeling Night Cream diligently. Taken on June 4 2016. 

It was taken in the car, in the middle of traffic. With no filter. As you can see, my face might not change like Kate Middleton but I can see my face clearing up well. I still have pretty much major acne scars but not that kinda visible. 

And for those who've been following me on Snapchat and Instagram might have noticed that I summoned both products a lot. It has nice smell, it's not harm for my sensitive skin, not feeling any stingy surprises, it clearer my skin, it heals my acne faster and it's expensive af hahaha. 

For now, I already changed my regimen because as a beauty writer, I personally have to try all those beauty products out there. Yeah.. I may not a beauty blogger tho. More like beauty writer in a magazine. And having a sensitive skin is like a blessed and also a nightmare. 

Well, if you want to find Novexpert in Jakarta, you could just go to Sephora and Beauty Box. Or, you can buy them online. And for the prices, The Booster Vitamin C is Rp840.000,- and the Peeling Night Cream is Rp540.000,-.

It's not a cheap products so make sure you have to be careful before you buy it. Because I read in many forums that some people's skin react badly towards Vitamin C products. Maybe, if you want to try it, go for the booster first. Because Peeling Night Cream still a peeling. A chemical peeling that you will leave it overnight. Booster is more mild than the peeling in my opinion. 

Or if you want to try it so bad, buy this product together with your mom or friends. At least you pay a half price or maybe less than just half then just do "Sisterhood of traveling pants" idea, taking turns to try it. In the end of the day, it is up to you because it's your skin! 

Honestly, I have so much products to review here. I promise to back again, because I have to do things first. If you want to know more, just keep reading my blog. There are so many products like Glossier, Khiels, and Laneige to share in this blog. I promise! I'll be back! 

Love you guys, I hope my writing does't confuse you and also you enjoy reading my articles. Hope my experience will help you to choose great products! 

Thank you for reading! 

Delfa xx


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