Vitamin C Saves My Skin : Novexpert Empties

So, It's been a while.

Why I always start my blog with "It's been a while"? It feels like I'm emphasizing my self as a lazy writer. But, yeah I'm definitely back with another review. For those who wonder what I've been busy lately: I'm a writer in a magazine tho, so I write, another write and write. Other than that, I must be having photoshoots. So that's how it goes. And certainly some events to handle. 
In this post, I'm going to share about my empties. Novexpert products got me hooked! I started using them around early 2016, maybe around February? or March? (wow, It's a year ago!). I bought Booster Vitamin C Serum first and tried to use it regularly for day and night as a serum after I double cleanse my face. Right exact a month later, I'm back to repurchase it, but the SA tempted me with the Peeling Night Cream which he argued that if I came back for the serum and satisfied enough, it would be no problem to try the Peeling Night Cre…

Technology for Fat Reducing Program

Just say it's a perk to be a beauty writer. I got a chance to coverage a new renowned treatment for reducing fat from Surface Skin Habit. I already wrote all those details in CosmoGIRL! September Issue 2016. But, I think I should write it here too, since you guys who happens searching online could reach it easily. 

Perut buncit, stretch mark, fat belly adalah hal yang sering kali jadi momok buat para cewek yaaaa. Talking about summer, skins everywhere! Bikini, one piece, swimsuits etc. Punya tubuh yang lebih kencang sih pasti nggak jauh-jauh dari olahraga dan mengubah pola makan. But, it's 2016! Apapun bisa kita lakukan hanya dengan duduk diam dan voila! lemak aja hilang. 

Jadi ceritanya, ada program namanya Body Contouring. What? Contouring? It's for face

Sebelumnya, yang belum tau apa itu Surface Skin Habit, boleh nih dijelasin sedikit. Tahu kan tempat pijat releksi terkenal yang namanya Meiso? Nah ini ada hubungannya, Surface Skin Habit ini adalah salah satu caba…

Bye Fat, Bye Bad Posture!

Okay, so....

If you see from the title, it's obvious this blog is about diet and exercise.
I've been starting to maintain my diet and work out routine since April 2016. It's started when I felt so unhealthy and my bad breakout in March 2016. So, I decided to take a Pilates class for starter.

I've never been a flexible nor good posture. Yes, I am a dancer. I used to.. for 4 years in college years but not meant to be a flexible one. Just a quite toned one, some parts (and that's obviously not my belly). But, I'm gonna share with you what exercise and how I feel now about back in the game.


For many people who are curious about Pilates. It's a super fun and eye opening exercise. Pilates is an exercise that will make an high impact on your endurance and flexibility. It takes a lot of practice and time to be like Andien (the singer) or Selena Gomez. But, yeah. I feel like I'm getting to know my strength through pilates. The movement is not high impact as c…

Suffering a Lot of Acne Update 2016

Been a long time guys! I'm so sorry to abandon this blog for too long. I've been working as fashion & beauty writer from 9 to 19, also a stylist and a fashion designer for my upcoming brand. It's truly exhausting yet exciting. I hope I could write more using my own voice in my blog. Magazine is fun but still it's a magazine. It's like a platform to this entertainment industry but not the exact my self. I love my job, I'm losing focus because it's too much nowadays.

I hope I could commit with this blog from now. Since I love writing and I love fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. So, I'm gonna bring up again what I've been seeing in this blog. People are interested when it comes to Acne and how to deal with it. If you read my blog from 2012, I struggled with bad acne. So bad until I couldn't stand to see my face back then. And thank god, I finally found my self curing the acne without any doctors.

It was a long story. In 2013, I got this bad acne …

What Should I Do?

Ask me how much I love him, then the answer is "I don't know". 

Been through every thick and thin, come and go, laugh and tears, the highest and the lowest. 
What should I do? 
Should I wait ? 
Should I let it go? 
Funny how things happened, we're never in a stable relationship. We were, once. Like boy-girl friend one. But then, everything got chaotic. We were just high schooler. Young, reckless and stupid. Even after that, things got more chaotic. Funny. 
We were and also are trying to let it go. 

"If you’re coming to me
Because you feel bad for me
Don’t worry about hurting me
And just pass by
I’m actually fine
Even though I look like someone in pain There are so many things I want to say But in the end, I’m just alone Actually, I don’t like you I actually dislike you, I hate you Laying in bed alone at night The blankets I hold are so cold"
He told me to believe in, I'm trying.  He told me to sit and watch, I'm trying.  He said sorry so many times, too many times. I…

Morning Routine! : Just Added SK-II into My Skincare Routine

Well, It's been a very long time I haven't updated my blog. I'm sorry :(
I'm too busy and tired recently.
So, I decided to film my self doing my morning routine, mostly skincare and how I do my (so-minimalist) makeup every morning. For those who are wondering why I put two different skincare products on the each side, I am in an experiment. I am a new for SK-II and the only reason I try it because I read so many reviews that said it's bad and many people (well, my friends) have their skin breakout so bad after using SK-II for a while. But, then, Why I still want it? It's a long story, I got a chance to do interview with michelle phan (YA! I KNOW RIGHT?!) for Beauty Bound Asia Final last week and the event was sponsored by SK-II. So we (The SK-II spokeperson, michelle and all medias) talked about how Michelle's life after gaining so much popularity and other stuff that related to her blog and blogging phenomena. Then, I noticed something they have a really …

Venus In Fur : I Love This Moment. Just Bang! " Kiss My Foot"

So, yesterday, I spent almost a whole night, watching, reading and re-reading the script of Venus In Fur (Play-in-play by the old novel, Venus In Furs by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch). It's a broadway play, written by David Ives and played by the Tony Award Winner 2012, Nina Arianda, and Hannibal Actor, Hugh Dancy.